At UTalca, we aim to train professionals with integrity and excellence, committed to the ongoing challenges of the region and the country. We offer 40 programs belonging to the Departments of Agricultural Sciences, Economics and Business, Health Sciences, Law and Social Sciences, Education Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, and Architecture, Music, and Design. In addition to teaching, avant-garde research is also conducted in the institutes and schools that depend on these units. We also have four technical programs related to the area of ​​viticulture.

Professional Programs

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Technical Programs

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With our postgraduate programs, you can opt for high-quality specializations by expanding your professional competencies. Our academic offer focuses on the development of science and technological innovation, as well as arts and literature. There are five dental specialties, 26 Masters and 11 Doctorates in the areas of Chemistry, Agronomy, Engineering, Mathematics, Human Sciences, Applied Sciences, Law, Plant Genetics, and Biomedical Sciences.

Continuing Education

The globalized world is constantly changing and requires professionals capable of innovating and keeping their knowledge updated. Our institution, makes 15 certificate programs available for you to obtain the necessary tools to take on the new demands in the areas of Health, Economics and Business, Psychology, and Law.