Student Organizations

Our students are represented through the Student Federations, the Student Centers, and the intermediate groups.

The Feutal (Student Federation of the Talca Campus) is a higher autonomous body of student participation, which seeks to represent the students of the programs provided at the Talca Campus.

The Fedeut (Student Federation of the Curicó Campus), represents the students of the programs of the Department of Engineering. The programs of the different Campuses have Student Centers that meet in a Plenary of Presidents and that work together with the Federations. In addition, there are intermediate groups, which you can join according to your interests.

Dirección de Apoyo a Actividades Estudiantiles

There are three academic units that work under its wing. The first, the Santiago Campus, is located in the San Joaquín commune. The campus is focused on the study and development of social sciences, offering programs in Law, Public Administration, Commercial Engineering and Auditing, and Management Control Engineering.

The second, LBI, operates in the Vitacura commune in a venue where three programs in pedagogy are taught: Preschool, Elementary, and High School Education, with minors in German language.

The third unit is located in the commune of Providencia, housing the Outreach Center and the Postgraduate School.

Located in the commune of Santa Cruz, in the O’Higgins Region, this campus trains top-level technical professionals capable of responding to the growing needs of the wine industry, one of the main ambassadors of Chilean exports worldwide.

This campus maintains a close relationship with the productive sector of the Colchagua area.

It is located in the Los Niches sector on the southeastern area of Curicó and 50 kilometers from Talca. It is a complex of 14 buildings -in total they encompass nearly 14,000 square meters built-, which have the necessary implementation both for pre and postgraduate education, as well as for the development of research, innovation, and technology transfer.

The Department of Engineering offers seven undergraduate programs, three Master’s programs, one Doctorate and one continuity program on campus.

It is located in the northern sector of the capital of the Maule Region, 250 kilometers south of Santiago. This campus houses the buildings of the departments of Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Economics and Business, Psychology, Architecture, Music and Design, Forestry Sciences, and Law and Social Sciences.

The vice presidencies, institutes, schools and technology centers of the different disciplines are also located on this campus, as well as some administrative services, the Sculpture Park, and the Botanical Garden.

Located in the Maule Region, about 50 kilometers from the city of Talca, this campus is focused on the training of teachers of excellence for Preschool, Elementary, and High School Education, with minors in English, and for the disciplines of Mathematics/Physics and Chemistry/Biology for secondary education.

This campus also hosts the Virtual High School of Excellence and is the only headquarters of a public university operating in the southern Maule Region.

Healthy Life and Sports

Women's Athletics (Talca)

Men's Athletics (Talca)

Women's Basketball (Talca)

Men's Basketball (Talca)

Women's Soccer (Santiago)

Women's Soccer (Talca)

Men's Soccer (Curicó)

Men's Soccer (Santiago)

Men's Soccer (Talca)

Women's Futsal (Talca)

Men's Futsal (Talca)

Rhythmic Gymnastics (Talca)

Women's Handball (Talca)

Men's Handball (Talca)

Rugby Seven (Curicó)

Women's Tennis (Talca)

Men's Tennis (Talca)

Women's Table Tennis (Talca)

Men's Table Tennis (Talca)

Women's Volleyball (Talca)

Men's Volleyball (Curicó)

Men's Volleyball (Linares)

Men's Volleyball (Talca)

Healthy Plant-Based Diet (Talca)

Capoeira (Curicó)

Urban dance (Talca)

Self Defense (Talca)

Photography (Talca and Linares)

Guitar (Linares)

Kick Boxing (Curicó)

Basic Sign Language (Santiago and Talca)

Juggling (Talca)

Musical (Curicó)

First Aid (Talca)

Yoga (Curicó and Talca)

Zumba (Talca)

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