The Botanical Garden is a meeting point for the community, which finds here a place for sharing with their families while, at the same time, learning about the value of nature. The diversity of this site is also used by researchers to learn and teach about the importance of preserving sustainable environments.

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Open all year round and free of charge. Visitors can tour the 13 hectares that give life to this space, where they will find a farm with 60 animals and observe approximately 2,500 plants and shrubs, many of them endangered.

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The Arboretum is a three-hectare area with a collection of more than 250 species of trees. It has universal access, enabling people with disabilities to enjoy their visits safely thanks to an obstacle-free design. The facility has two artificial lagoons with waterfalls that embelish the natural environment.


There are two playgrounds for children: the 'Emerido Galaxy', which is unique in South America due to its vast extension and characteristics and offers a series of possibilities for climbing and balance dynamics, and the 'Spaceball', a large net climber with an outer frame. In addition, there are inclusive games specially designed for children with disabilities. These attractions allow them to enjoy healthy recreation.


Located within the Botanical Garden, the Educational Farm harbors more than 60 species including birds such as pheasants, peacocks, cochin chickens, ducks, coots, and endangered species such as the tricahue and choroy parrots. In addition, alpacas and sheep roam freely through the site and accompany visitors.