Carlos Silva, Agricultural Manager of Agropacal Companies

With the Center of Pomáceas we have a relationship of more than 20 years and, according to my professional life, is one of the most successful models between the university and the business world that I have seen in the agricultural world. The Center of Pomáceas has been a permanent collaborator of all the developments of techniques and new innovations that may come for agriculture.

Carlos Silva, Agricultural Manager of Agropacal Companies

Technology Center Services


  • Selection, diagnosis, and propagation of poplar varieties
  • Sanitary diagnosis of poplar varieties
  • Forestry management prescription for poplar nurseries and plantations
  • Evaluation of wood quality
  • Genetic identity certification
  • Quality evaluation of biomass for energy purposes
  • Analysis of biomass characterization and safety for fuel purposes
  • Audit to companies supplying biomass for fuel purposes

  • Development of algorithmic solutions to problems
  • Electron microscopy
  • Characterization of therapeutic targets through bioinformatics tools

  • Connection of generation systems distributed to the electricity grid using static converters
  • Creation of redundant systems
  • Improvement of the quality of energy, through the implementation of new control techniques that reduce losses and increase the efficiency of converters
  • Support based on industrial design for the development of new interface designs or packaging solutions with integration of technological principles
  • Design and evaluation of positions in production works, development and evaluation of product concepts for competitive insertion in the market, design for manufacturing and process optimization
  • 3D modeling, simulation, and prototyping

  • Hydrological studies
  • Design of rainwater accumulation and collection systems
  • Development of human capital
  • Consulting services
  • Monitoring of volumetric soil moisture content
  • Record and analysis of precipitation and flow data
  • Restoration and oasification plan for degraded spaces
  • Forestry and environmental development plans
  • Obtaining precipitation intensity for the design of hydraulic works and water and soil conservation

  • Irrigation programming and monitoring
  • Agroclimatic information
  • Selection and operation of agrometeorological equipment
  • Precision farming

  • Consulting services on Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis)
  • Plant propagation and multiplication
  • Support for companies in R&D projects related to native plants of Chile

  • Agroclimatic consultancies on pome fruits
  • Consultancies on mineral nutrition of apple orchards
  • Maintenance of meteorological stations
  • Interpretation of mineralogical analysis of fruits
  • Quantification of total phenols and antioxidants
  • Quantification of anthocyanins
  • Quantification of ethylene (ripening of fruits)
  • Maturity indices in apples and pears
  • Infiltration with magnesium salts
  • Determination of compounds related to surface scalding

  • Combustion and emission reduction
  • Energy simulation in buildings
  • Kipus Solar initiative

  • Chemical analysis of soils and substrates, plant tissues, and waters
  • Analysis of the physical parameters of soils
  • Agrological studies and soil mapping

  • Controlled microfermentation for the development and evaluation of agrochemicals, fertilizers, biostimulants in still and sparkling wines, beers, and other fermented beverages
  • Full analysis of musts and wines
  • Authorized laboratory for the analysis of export wines
  • Official certifier of denomination of origin of grapes and wines
  • Verification of analytical instruments
  • Viticultural/enological assessment of agrochemicals (fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and biostimulants)
  • Production of vine propagation materials, free of viruses and with traceability
  • Ampelographic characterization of varieties and rootstocks
  • Yolk fertility analysis
  • Evaluation of the productive/phytosanitary condition of vineyards
  • Analysis of olives and olive oil
  • Microextraction and extraction of olive oil

Bioinformatics, Simulations and Modelling
Energy Conversion
Environmental Hydrology
Research and Transfer in Irrigation and Agroclimatology

Other services

Center for Food Safety

  • Advice and technical assistance in food quality assurance systems
  • Food safety training
  • Microbiological laboratory analysis


Further information

  • Survey of protocols for standardizing the quality of pollens
  • Evaluation of the parenting device
  • Post-release in situ evaluation
  • Global entomological monitoring for farmers


Further information

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