The Universidad de Talca has seven Departments covering wide areas of the sciences, distributed in the different Campuses of our Academic Institution. The Talca Campus is the headquarters which concentrates most of the Departments, Institutes and Schools belonging to our Corporation.

With a surface of almost nine hectares, the Talca Campus hosts the Departments of Law and Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, Business, Health Sciences and Psychology, as well as the five University Institutes and the Schools of Music, Architecture and Design.

In the Curicó Campus operates the Department of Engineering, where the programs of Industrial Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Technical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Construction Engineering are imparted.

The Santiago Campus offers a platform of community services associated primarily with research, aimed at promoting cooperation with public and private institutions.
The Colchagua Technological Institute, located in Santa Cruz, houses the programs for Professional Technicians, while the Head Office, located in Talca, houses Outreach, administrative units and the President offices.