In November 2014, the University of Talca was institutionally accredited by CNA-Chile in all areas (institutional management, undergraduate teaching, research, postgraduate teaching and links with the environment).

In this third accreditation, the Agency granted our Corporation 5 years, from November 26, 2014 to November 26, 2019, and we added postgraduate teaching to the previous accreditation. Notwithstanding the accreditation verdict that has been in effect since November of last year, the accreditation process itself was only completed at the beginning of this month, due to the fact that an appeal for reinstatement was filed in the Agency, which concluded with a new Institutional Accreditation Resolution, which does not modify the number of years of accreditation granted, but it does change the emphasis of some of the judgments issued. This achievement is the result of the work and commitment of the university community during the last 5 years. During this period, academic and non-academic officials, students and graduates of our University have contributed with quality work -from the place that corresponds to each of them- with results that place us currently among the 13 accredited universities in all areas.

It is well known that accreditation is a public certification, a valid basic means or path in the quality assurance process and it is certainly not the only one. Hence, our challenge is not to act reactively in the generation of quality assurance processes solely for the purpose of accreditation, but rather to strengthen our capacity for self-regulation at all levels and corporate activities.

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