The Communications Office is responsible for all and each of the actions of dissemination and promotion of the activities of the Universidad de Talca and its positioning in the local, regional, national and international community.

It guides its work into channeling the dissemination needs for each of the University units, both to the Interior of the Corporation and in its relationship with the community, to carry out actions of local, regional, national and international positioning of the University.

It works with the external environment to maintain and expand the image of the Universidad de Talca in the local, regional and national community.

Its duty is to distinguish and highlight the contribution the University makes to the development of the region and the country, in addition to encouraging trust and cooperation relationships with its strategic public.

In that direction, it works to ensure the success of the University project, based on shared commitments and mutual benefit with the International University community.

Internally, it is the unit responsible for generating a common corporate identity, gaining support for the institutional strategic project and creating a climate of trust between professors, students, staff and senior management of the University.