Since January 2010, the Universidad de Talca has a corporate University Social Responsibility Office, RSU. This instance was created addressing the needs of a changing society and taking into account the role and commitment that the University has with the environment where it is inserted.

The RSU  model of the Universidad de Talca considers four programmatic axis, all of them related and co-participative: teaching and training; the internal organization and organizational culture; the transfer and social innovation of knowledge and the relationship with the environment.

For the University, this later axis, the generation of bonds in the territory, is a strategic matter. We do not seek passive beneficiaries of the offer our academic Institution produces. On the contrary, we establish relations between partners, on equal terms as with our priority public and community partners.

This implies taking into account the opinions of others, putting on the table a series of variables from different wills, seek agreements, integrate different perspectives, and incorporate multidisciplinary views.

It is essential to add the concept of co-responsibility and citizen participation and put in common consensual views in order to develop a coordinated and coherent system through programs, proposals, projects and integrated and sustainable initiatives that are timely, relevant, and meaningful and that contribute to solutions for the needs of the regional community, especially in those seeking equality, equity and social justice.