The University of Talca is one of the 27 higher education institutions that make up the Chilean Council of University Presidents (CRUCH).

Founded in 1981, after the merger of the former branches of the University of Chile and the Universidad Técnica del Estado (UTE), it has progressively become one of the main national references of public and non-profit higher education, being rated by recent rankings and measurements as the best state university of the Regions.

Its Headquarters is located in the city of Talca, capital of the Maule Region. Today it has five campuses located in the cities of Talca, Curicó, Santa Cruz (in the county of Colchagua, O'Higgins Region), Santiago and Linares, which began its academic activities in March 2014.

More than ten thousand two hundred undergraduate students in the areas of science, arts, letters and technological innovation, and more than one thousand graduate and specialty students are trained on its campuses, making a total of more than eleven thousand two hundred students.

In undergraduate studies, the 2018 admissions process included 37 professional and four technical degrees. For the current year, it also expanded its postgraduate programs, with 27 master's degrees, five dental specialties and ten doctorates.

The University organizes its activities following a Strategic Plan defined until 2020 that includes the macro trends of the environment and, based on them, takes advantage of the opportunities to concretize the corporate vision of "Being recognized as a public, innovative, complex university of excellence; a reference in the higher education system and relevant in its development with the endevors of the Country and the Region".

This Plan is structured around four strategic development focuses, which in turn guide a set of objectives and specific actions around Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Specialty and Continuing Education training; academic excellence and complex university; efficient management of complexity; regional and national development; and skills and learning for the development of the strategy.

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