Since its Foundation, the Universidad de Talca is a public institution that enjoys unquestionable prestige among the regional and national community.

Its course as an educational entity has been a development bridge, exactly as wished by those Talca pioneers who prompted its creation many years ago, convinced as they were that the progress of the city, the zone and its inhabitants was linked to the existence of a university.

The Universidad de Talca is today a mature project. It has a path that makes it more than deserving of the recognition it enjoys at the local, national and international level.

Many women and men have been the architects in the construction of a solid and wide range project, which it already is a legacy to the daughters and sons of the region and the country.

At the head of these human groups there were the academics and professionals who assumed the responsibility of leading the destiny of the University, with a conduction in which each of them contributed to give it a pace, imprint and quality that positions our academic institution in the place of honor that currently occupies.

Alvaro Rojas Marín Alvaro Rojas Marín
Guillermo Monsalve Mercadal Guillermo Monsalve Mercadal
Juan Antonio Rock Tarud Juan Antonio Rock Tarud
Oscar Garrido Rojas Oscar Garrido Rojas
Alvaro Rojas Marín Alvaro Rojas Marín
Manuel Toso Giudice Manuel Toso Giudice