The Universidad de Talca established the awarding of the "Abate Juan Ignacio Molina" Medal of Merit to recognize prominent personalities of the cultural field - domestic and foreign-, who have contributed significantly to Science, History, Literature, or their public work.

Fourteen personalities have been recognized since then, by virtue of their course of action in public life.

Among those awarded the Medal, we find Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez, writer José Donoso, poet Nicanor Parra, scientist Humberto Maturana, President of Basque Country José Antonio Ardanza, Maule public man Oscar Pinochet de la Barra and Jesuit priest Walter Hanisch.

The "Abate Juan Ignacio Molina" Medal of Merit is named after the famous intellectual and Jesuit naturalist of the 18th century, Abbott Juan Ignacio Molina, and it is awarded by the Universidad de Talca in agreement with the Academic Council and the Corporation’s Board of Directors.