The Legal Clinic of the Department of Law and Social Sciences provides service to the community allowing access to the Judicial system for poor people who need legal advice and representation to the solution of the problems that might afflict them.

Among the matters that are dealt with: cases in the family courts (alimony, direct and regular relationship, claims of paternity, divorce, domestic violence, among others); Civil cases (ordinary judgments, executive briefs, third-party proceedings, among others); Non-litigation matters (request for change of names, rectification of inscriptions, among others).

A student in his or her 5th year can apply in a practical way the knowledge acquired during the program under the guidance and ongoing supervision of lawyer tutors (clinical training).

Telephone: (+56)(71) 2225100 
4 norte Nº 638 
1 y 2 poniente, Talca. 

Opening hours: 
Monday through Thursday from 9h00 to 13h00