The Environmental Hydrology Technological Center, belonging to the Department of Forestry, is a multidisciplinary research team, with specialists from different areas linked to hydrology and the environment.

It generates strategic environmental and economic technical guidelines, allowing the implementation of sustainability into the management of water resources, delivering engineering answers to their practical use in wide productive and social spectra.

Technological Services

1. Hydrological Studies.
2. Pluviographic band reader.
3. Design of rainfall accumulation and water harvesting systems.
4. Human Capital training.
5. Consulting.
6. Monitoring soil volumetric moisture content.
7. Site construction design software.
8. Registration and analysis of rainfall and flow data.
9. Degraded spaces ossification and restoration plan.
10. Forestry and environmental development plans.
11. Obtaining precipitation intensity for the design of hydraulic works and for water and soil conservation.