The Geomatics Center of the Universidad de Talca was built in 2006 with contributions from the "Teaching Geomatics at the Universidad de Talca" MECESUP Program. Its main objective aims at improving the professional skills in this field of undergraduate students in Architecture, Agronomy, Civil Engineering in Computing, and Forestry Engineering.

Technological Services

1. Multi-Temporal Studies (Urban, Agricultural, and Forestry).
2. Mathematical Models for the Determination of Optimal Routes.
3. Geomarketing Studies (Geocoding).
4. Cadastre and Georeferencing of Objects of Interest.
5 Design and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems.
6 Modeling of Spatial Data.
7 Generating Digital Terrain Models.
8. Cartographic Map Design and Layout.
9. Digital Topographic Collection and Differential Correction of GPS Data.s
10. Digital Processing Of Satellite Images.
11 Processing LIDAR Data.
12. Vegetation Indices Determination.
13. Image Classification and Map Generation of Soil Coverage.
14. Spatial Interpolation of Variables of Interest.
15. Digital Field Photogrammetry and Radiometry.
16 Defining Suitable Areas for Activities.
17 Creating Thematic Atlases.
18 Generating Orthophotos.
19 Cartographic Plotting.
20 Training In the Use of Geomatics Software and Equipment.