The Pomes Center was created in May, 1995, thanks to a Fondef project; it promotes joint endeavors between the Universidad de Talca and the Chilean fruit industry, represented by growers, garden centers and nurseries, agro-chemicals and export companies.

The PC focuses on studying and solving problems that affect the quality of apples and pears, based on the precepts of integrated production. Problems are defined and prioritized on the basis of periodic consultations to the productive sector. The permanent contact with the industry means that the research carried out is highly relevant.


Technological Services

1. Agroclimatic Consultancy in Pomes.
2. Consultancy in Mineral Nutrition in Apple Orchards.
3. Meteorological Station Maintenance.
4. Interpretation of Mineralogical Analysis in Fruits.
5. Quantification of Total Phenols and Antioxidants.
6. Quantification of Anthocyanins.
7. Quantification of Ethylene (Fruit Ripening).