At the Poplar Technology Center research is done to develop and implement projects to improve of the growth, productivity and wood quality of the genetic hybrids of the poplar.

In addition, it generates select hybrids for Chile and it develops products, services and/or processes derived from projects related to the cultivation of the poplar.

Technological Services

1. Quantitative Genetics Analysis of Forest Species.
2. Molecular Certification of the Genetic Identity Of Populus Genus Individuals.
3. Anatomical, Colorimetric, Physic, Chemical and Mechanical Analysis of the Wood.
4. Densitometry of Forest Species from Pith-Bark Layers.
5. Solid Biofuels Analysis (Heating Value, Ash, Density, Friability, etc.).
6. Analysis of the Mechanical and Rotting Condition in Ornamental Trees and Construction Wood.
7. Dendrometric Analysis in Plantations and in Isolated Trees.