The Center for Public Opinion Studies (CEOC in Spanish) is a center for social and economic research specialized in conducting opinion polls of different types.

It was established in 2003 and approved under the President Resolution 344 of July 09, 2003. It is attached to the Department of Business Administration of the Universidad de Talca.

Under the Department of Business Administration (FACE in Spanish) of the Universidad de Talca, the CEOC develops support activities to private and public institutions in the application of quantitative or qualitative studies on political, economic and social issues, information which is provided to the local, regional or national community.

The CEOC has an Advisory Council chaired by the President of the University, whose objective is to provide ideas to project it both at regional and national levels.

To achieve the proposed goals, the CEOC has a team of four professionals and a staff of assistants students, strongly committed to the development of efficient and quality management.