CERTIM is an infrastructure of support for small and medium-sized regional timber companies. Its mission is to provide services, training and technology transfer to the timber SME sector.

In the same way, it supports the training of Forestry Engineering students of the Universidad de Talca as well as of Wood Technical High-School students and teachers.

The main services provided are in maintenance of cutting tools, wood treatment, development and manufacture of special products such as laminated wood beams (Only manufacturer of beams and laminated elements between Rancagua and Chillán).

It also provides certification services and specific studies, like biomass harvesting, drying of native and exotic woods, other than pine.

It is the only trainer of the region for Technical persons in charge of Packaging Certification, ispm15.

At the same time, it manages major tendered and awarded projects:

“Manufacturing network of the Maule Region”, a Chile Califica project installed between 2004-2007, current to date, giving great support to Technical Training Center High-Schools in different regions of the country.

The creation of the new "Furniture and Related Products Management Center, 2008-2010”, servicing the furniture and wood construction industry.