The University of Talca has four campuses located in Talca, Curicó, Santiago and Santa Cruz (Colchagua). In each of them, an intense academic and research activity is experienced daily.

Each of the campuses has its particularity, in accordance with the environment in which it is located. They invite you to visit and know them, independently of their academic activity per se.

Their green areas and service premises constitute the main link with the community.

The Talca Campus is distinguished by its Sculptures Park, which brings together the artistic creation of the best sculptors in the country of the last half-century.

The greenhouse of the Department of Forestry of the Universidad de Talca is one of the attractions of the Talca Campus, and it is designed for teaching, research and marketing of the forest and ornamental, native and exotic species production; as well as for professional practices, outreach activities, reception of delegations related to the sector and the community in general.