Professors Shared Innovations in Teaching

For the sixth year in a row, the Conference on Innovative Experiences in Teaching, called Active Strategies of Teaching and Learning Assessment, took place.

January 18, 2018

Conferences and workshops were included in the Conference on Innovation in Teaching that brought together, for two days, more than 200 professors belonging to the various Faculties of our Institution. In the opportunity the award for Teaching Innovation was also handed over.

In the inauguration of the activity, the Vice President for Undergraduates, Marcela Vásquez, remarked that "this conference has been designed, from its origin, as the instance to generate a space for reflection, dialog and update in the strategies and methodologies for teaching and active learning.

She added that "these strategies are very consistent with our educational model based on skills training and, in general, they point to the ultimate goal of improving the forms and the conditions for the learning of our students."

The inaugural conference was entitled "Design of Collaborative Learning Processes " and was in charge of the Spanish academic Alejandra Martinez, from the University of Valladolid, who expressed her pleasure to talk to this audience. "In Spain, I work more in the field of research and here I found myself with an audience very attuned to teaching and that I find it very good from the point of view of the updating of contents and strategies. I welcome the initiative of the University of Talca, which, without doubt demonstrates a preoccupation or, rather, a real occupation in improving each day the transfer of knowledge to the future professionals," said the speaker.

During the conference, the "2018Award for Innovation ", which is part of the policy of promotion and recognition to the teaching of the House of Studies, was awarded this year to three initiatives of a total of six that applied.

The recognized professors were Alejandro Valdés and Gabriel Nuñez, from the Faculty of Engineering, with their work "Smartslides: Interactive Web Application to Support Learning in the Classroom", and Eliana Fuenzalida, from the Language Program, with her proposal "Implementation Model of the B-learning Methodology in German Classes at the Language Program of the University of Talca". In addition to Professors Mauricio Vargas and Gloria Correa, from the Institute of Mathematics and Physics, and Eduardo Aguirre, of the School of Architecture, for their topic "From The Theoretical to The Applied: a Pedagogical Proposal to Contextualize the Elements of Mathematics and Physics II Module, in the Tasks of the Architecture Student."
In addition to the inaugural conference, three other lectures were presented: "Innovative Teaching Methodology", by the Academic from the Faculty of Psychology, Carolina Iturra; "Challenges of Undergraduate Studies", in charge of the Vice President for Undergraduates, Marcela Vasquez, and a second talk by Alejandra Martinez, this time with the issue "Assessment of Learning supported by IT." In addition, there were nine daily workshops in which participants talked, discussed and joined ideas about being a trainer and the way to improve their project to university students.

"This conferences help us to capture new visions of other teachers. There are some who are doing very interesting applications and that are consistent with what one gives, which helps us to capture new concepts that lead us to think about how to improve the work as a professor; this is a very good initiative of the University for which we are grateful, as a meeting and update place," said Miguel Bustamante, a professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business.